SR assists with strategizing, tailoring, and educating the importance of video content to your audience.

Contemplating on new marketing content? Why not pick SR to create your video content?


SR personalizes your digital content so that it is designed to engage your audience and provide an everlasting experience. 


SR provides an image and core feeling that conveys your product to the world.

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SR designs all sorts of interactive video content from start to finish!  

Meet the lady behind the ART!

Shaveela Raniga (SR)


Shaveela Ranigais passionate about developing video content and has geared her education and recent work towards a career in this exciting and rapidly growing industry.


In the course of her work, she had the liberty of producing content for various social media platforms and Comcast Networks, such as ESPN, BET, Oprah’s Network, and many more.  Since December 2016,  she has been an active player in Google's Daydream 3 Party Publishing Team. In this capacity, she worked as an Associate Producer to ensure producers and content creators had all relevant information required to successfully meet launch deadlines.  


Perhaps most importantly, her experience includes all phases of pre-production, production, and post-production that has allowed her to apply her excellent interpersonal, partnership, organizational, communication, and digital content user engagement work towards advancing companies video content needs.  

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